ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Regaining Health And Wellness
Discover what you need to know about Self Healing and Recovering From Chronic Ailments...
What You Will Learn From This Unique 1 Day Training
Secret #1: How to stop your subconscious mind limiting you in all areas of life, especially healing.
Secret #2: Food myths that sabotage your bodies ability to self heal and remain well. 
Secret #3: How to access your Higher Self and manifest incredible healing in all areas of your life.
The Mind Body Spirit Essentials - 1 Day Training Program
 Maldron Hotel
Ballindinas, Barntown, Wexford
Sun 12th May 2019
10:00 am - 5:00pm
(Spaces Limited To 12  People)

In this powerful 1-day training program you will learn the essential keys to ongoing health & wellness and will leave with complete peace of mind, feeling grounded, focused and fearless!

Drawing on the sacred wisdom of the ancients, modern neuroscience research and recent discoveries in quantum physics and food science, Eamon Mc Grenaghan and Ania Harasimowicz will help you connect more deeply to the Divine Spirit within and around you. You will learn myths around foods, nutrients and digestion. Through a combination of example case studies, guided exercises and spiritual healing demonstrations, you will:
  • Discover: how different hidden realms and dimensions can have a massive effect on everyday life without you even being aware.
  • Learn: about the elements of a healthy diet, how to optimise your digestion processes and avoid external toxins.
  • Experience: how your mind really works and how to manage the 4 most common beliefs that limit you in all aspects of life.
  • Receive: a Healexus energy pendant (RRP €150) which we include for free as part of this unique training package.

Healexus Energy Pendant

This incredible self healing tool is included free to all participants of the 1 day training program. The Healexus energy pendant is embedded with an extremely high frequency energy and serves to lift the spiritual awareness of the wearer to levels not experienced before. Imagine having access to your Higher Self without the need to meditate. Imagine being able to identify and change the underlying issues that have been holding you back in life and confining you to a life of pain, misery and suffering. The Healexus pendant opens your gateway to innate powerful spiritual resources.
This program guides you to become closer to nature and expands your connection to Infinite Spirit so you return home more connected to the wisdom and healing that surrounds you. You will experience a state of complete peace of mind and be fully equipped with all the tools required (including Healexus Energy Pendant) to maintain this natural state of healing.
"Hi Eamon
Thank you so much for an amazing day on Sat. It was an Joy to meet you both. Such love and soul peace I haven't felt before. This has continued since. The last 2 days I have had the most amazing experience. A blue light flashed and you came in my psychic. Overwhelming love filled my soul bringing pure sweet emotional love that moved me too tears.  

The love and humbling pure essence that filled me since last Sat is flowing in abundance in every aspect of my life. The complete  peace harmonising with each task. Thank you so much for this amazing gift you hold.

Since doing the training pure love comes into my sense of being!
Tim feels different after the training but can't explain how!
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